Kode is no longer a young company, but it is constantly developing thanks to constant updating of our products' base and adapting to market demands. We could write that we are a leader on the Polish market, that we present a wide selection of products, a competitive price, high quality and a fast delivery. Of course, all of it is true!

The best picture of our company is that we love what we do. Our company is a team that stands for a small family. Someone might say it is gibberish. But this is also a part of our development strategy.

We care for each other and thanks to that we can take care of the needs of our clients. Therefore, our team is stable, the rotation of our workers is infinitesimal and it is a reason for us to be proud.

We choose our suppliers conscientiously. Most of them means family business with traditions. Thanks to it, our orders are processed in due time, and thus, we can service our clients on time.

The success of our company consists of many small factors that we care about with total commitment. Our target could be based on the discussion in the repair workshop mentioned below.

- I have a turbocharger for repair
- Great, leave it here.
- But can you fix it on KODE parts?
- Of course.

Yours faithfully and best regards from the KODE team.

Our Sales Team

Kamil Wesołowski


+48 77 707 07 60 (PL)
[email protected]
Michał Milanowski


+48 77 707 07 60 (PL/EN)
[email protected]
Adam Gryziukowski


+48 77 707 07 60 (PL/EN)
[email protected]

The best components quality

Biggest products availability

Our CHRA balancing and mounting lab

Our contact details

Company Headquarters

Kode S.K.A.
ul. Kilińskiego 1A
19-300 Ełk, Polska

NIP: 8481859845
KRS: 0000495365
REGON: 281371796

tel. +48 87 735 1000
e-mail: [email protected]

Polityka Jakości
Kode resellers outside Poland

ул. Чкалова, д.64А
188300, Ленинградская обл., г. Гатчина

+7 812 424 35 31

Belstartergroup LLC
46B-8 Timiryazev Str.
220035 Minsk

+375 44 788 55 27

Turbo Solutions
Str. Traian no 7
600204 Bacau

+40 743 900 261

Bioska bb
31000 Uzice

[email protected]

UAB Turboautocentras
Vytenio g. 46B
LT-03229 Vilnius

+370 629 99944
[email protected]

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